What is this?

We aim to build a comprehensive list of #FediBlock posts in order to provide it to – especially new – instance admins.

The idea of this project is to provide a list of bad actor instances in the Fediverse, in order to enable instance admins to keep their instances clean of those actors without having to go through endless and incomplete pages of #FediBlock posts.

Everyone can submit instances they suggest to block and provide receipts and reasoning. Instance admins can subscribe to updates and decide for themselves whether they want to block that instance or not. Those subscriptions can be limited to specific reasons (enables racism, “free speech champions”, homomisia, no moderation, etc) or for all block suggestions.

The intention is to provide safe spaces in the Fediverse. The blocking suggestions should have reasons like the above mentioned. If you want to suggest something like “The admin is blocking my instance just because I used the n-word”, this is no place for you and your suggestion might be deleted.

We recognize the work that others put into the #FediBlock hashtag. This is supposed to be an archive or extension.

What are the advantages over the #FediBlock hashtag?



/api/v1/list returns an array of objects with these properties:

Property (type) Description
instance (string) The hostname of the instance.
url (string) The location of the full data set.

The full data set is an object with these properties:

Property (type) Description
description (string) The reasons the instance is listed. Can be long. Not sanitized.
instance (string) The hostname of the instance. Can be more than one, separated by comma.
receipts (array of strings) URLs to prove the claims made in the description and tags.
report_time (string) Date and time of reporting, UTC. Format: %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.
screenshots (array of strings) The file names of the screenshots. Prepend https://fediblock.org/blocklist/ and you have the URL.
tags (array of strings) Tags to classify the problems with the instance.
unreachable (boolean) true if instance is unreachable. This property may not exist.


You can reach us in the Fediverse at @fediblock_archive@botsin.space.

Suggest instance

The project is inactive and will be for the forseeable future. You can't suggest instances at the moment.

If you want to adopt the project, get in touch with @fediblock_archive@botsin.space.